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eMule, a file sharing client based on eDonkey, that is free of spyware, adware and others. This application has a lot to offer users because it has other features that other standard clients do not have. The version 0.48 of eMule can support Kad, an open test phase. The Queue and Credit system of the said software guarantees users that they will be able to get the file they want as long they are able to promote files that have been uploaded back in the network. Checking files makes sure of it being free of error. Web servers and web services are available for people to have an easy internet access. Chatting can also be done here since there is an IRC client already built in. Finding files has never been easy because of the many search possibilities offered.

Changelog for 0.48a
- May, 13. 2007 -
.: Happy Birthday eMule smile.gif

- May, 12. 2007 -
.: Fixed some bugs in UPnP and changed the behavior for ADSL devices a bit
.: Fixed a bug concerning double adding friends
.: If Vista is running with Aero, eMule will enable Minimize to Tray on Minimize 
by default (can be changed in the display options)

0.48a BETA2
- May, 08. 2007 -
Ornis: Changed to wizzard to set file proper file permission
 on installed config files
.: Fixed another Bug in the SourceExchange, which caused eMule to 
not response to requests in certain cases [Xman1]
.: Sorting for cumulative stats in the sharedfiles list is now properly remembered 
when restarting eMule
.: The "Disable UDP" and Enable "Kad" options now exclude eachother [leuk_he]
.: Fixed a bug in UPnP when the UDP port has been disabled by the user [leuk_he]
.: IRC optional serverports should work prorperly now
.: Fixed a bug in IRC when receiving ed2k links from other users
.: Added a excess flood protection for eMule IRC responses

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